Mr. Tracia’s teaching philosophy has been developed, revised, and continues to grow with every student he teaches. Everyone is born with individual musical strengths and challenges, of which Mr. Tracia believes it is his duty to bring to full development. Music is not a one-size-fits-all subject, and proper accommodations must be made for students to realize their full potential. In the private lesson setting, this may take place using blues improvisation, understanding the nuances and stylistic differences of classical repertoire, and compositional exploration at the piano. Mr. Tracia introduces each of these aspects to his students to gauge their interest level and makes an informed decision on what the student needs to become the best musician of their ability. Most of all, he leads students to love their involvement in music.

As a licensed music teacher of all grade levels, Mr. Tracia believes in establishing a classroom environment in which there is a mutual respect between all students and himself. Only when this groundwork is established can there be true musical growth. Mr. Tracia feels strongly that each student, regardless of cultures and personality, is inherently musical and will be guided towards realizing and developing their individual interest in music through a variety of activities focused around classical repertoire and various forms of world music.

Being an experienced performer, Mr. Tracia places high importance on the community-building aspects of group music-making and collaboration between students. There is a special connection that is built between participants of music, which even in general music classrooms can be felt. He structures lessons with teamwork and collaboration as an important goal, teaching students how to communicate efficiently to reach a common goal.